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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What size tank does my grill use?

A: The most commonly used tank for a barbecue grill is a 20 lb tank. (holds roughly 5 gallons of propane).


Q: Do I have to be home for the delivery and exchange?

A: No, just let us know where the tank is and we will do the rest!


Q: How do I know if my grill tank is empty?

A: The most accurate way of knowing how much propane is left in the tank is by weighing the tank on a scale (CAREFULLY!). The standard 20 lb tank is roughly 19 pounds empty and roughly 38 pounds full. Since there are several different propane tank manufacturers, the empty weight and full weight of different tanks varies +/- 3 pounds.


Q: How do I know what size tank I have?

A: Look at the collar on the tank, there should be several imprinted symbols. Look for the WC (water content) of the cylinder and relay that information to us. We can look at the conversion table and tell you what size tank you have. Here is what the conversion table looks like:


Left columns indicate Water Content, right columns indictate cylinder size

Q: My grill starts, but the flame is really low and it wont heat up, whats wrong with it?

A: Grill manufacturers are striving to make the safest operating grills possible. Because of this, they have implemented several safety features on your grill, some that may cause the grill to improperly operate. The most common factor that causes a grill to lose heat is the regulator. New grills are being produced with a 'safe check' regulator. One way to ensure your grill operates properly is by following the correct igntion steps.

  1. Make sure your tank and grill are both in the 'off' position before you hook your tank up.
  2. Ensuring the valve is in the off position, hook your tank up to your grill.
  3. SLOWLY open the valve on the tank. (one or two turns is fine, no need to open it all the way)
  4. Open the ignition burner and light. Note: If your grill wont light using the igntion system, try using a grill lighter or match. Many times, the ignitor is one of the first components on your grill to fail.
  5. Once you have the main burner lit, extend the flames to the other burners by progressively turning them on. (NEVER start a grill with all the burners open or in the on position)

If you have followed the proper ignition steps and your grill still wont light, the problem is most likely a defective or faulty regulator.


Q: I open the valve on my tank when it is off the grill, yet no propane will come out, why?

A: Grill size tanks are equipped with a 'one way' valve. This means the tank must be hooked up for any gas to come out. If the tank is disconnected, no propane will come out of the valve.


Q: Do you accept competitor's tanks for exchange? i.e. blu rhino or americagas

A: We accept all tanks for exchange. All we ask is that the empty tank you are exchanging back is in decent condition with an up to date valve. Other than that we do accept all major competitor's tanks for exchange.

How It Works

Simply leave your empty tank in an accessible location and our driver will deliver a clean, precision filled propane tank in exchange for your empty tank.




Most deliveries go out next day, however, you will be notified of your delivery time  upon the completion of your order.

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